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February 06, 2021 1 min read

The Lily Michael Merger

The COVID period has been very demanding. It has hit hard on almost every front of life over the last year. Not wanting to waste the time completely, we have taken this as an opportunity to revise how we do things, to upgrade our facilities and improve our production processes. We have been working behind the scenes and now have two major announcements:

First off: Exciting News! Taking things to a new level – a merger of the Lily Michael and Kaneya brands!

Aventual, our mother corporation and Lily Michael, a bespoke beauty product production expert, are currently working out the finer details that would see Kaneya, our main brand and the Lily Michael brand working together in-house to develop, manufacture and market products licensed under the Lily Michael brand. Both companies and their brand will be bringing years of experience and techniques, customer feedback and studies from treatments to the table.

Kaneyabeauty treatments coupled with our new, combined portfolio of skincare products that we have been intensively working on throughout the lock down/restricted period enforced on everyone by the ongoing pandemic, is a step forward in improving our range of products and services.

Secondly: this merger allows us to introduce intensive hair loss treatments into our range of services, a field the Lily Michael teams have been perfecting for years in Prague, Czech Rep. Their experience on the international markets opens new horizons for us.

We are constantly working to provide the best for our customers, and, with this merger, we believe we are entering a new age of beauty and skincare.

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