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About Us-old

Honest, Green, Beautiful Plant-Powered Skincare

What we do

Enhancing and improving one’s looks is a time-old concept and cosmetics have gone through several revolutions bringing incredible advances to how we take care of our skin, body and even minds. At Lily Michael, we take advantage of years of scientific research and a good dose of grandma’s magic to bring you beauty and skincare products that are extracted from Nature and designed to regenerate, protect, and improve allowing you to Live Beautifully.

When it comes to beauty, we’ve always had one underlying philosophy: To make premier-grade beauty cosmetics for the discerning average person who cares about themselves and aims for a quality lifestyle. We at Lily Michael believe everyone is beautiful - inside and out. We reach out in our little way with trusted friendship bringing light to your life with our trusted formulations and products.


The Story

Great products take a while in making. This isn’t something that you’ve likely given much thought to. We certainly hadn’t when we started in Prague, and the UK years ago. For thousands of years, from seed to grown plants and trees, nature starts its wonderful act. Our earliest memory are of the fallen papaya and cocoa fruit, the hibiscus flowers in bloom and the softest hands of ladies at work, as they crack the dried nuts of the shea fruit. On this particular day, fruit had been laid out to dry in the sun, ready to make the oils for the harvest festivals. This is where we find ourself. Let us back up a bit. After many careers including teaching, IT consultants, translators, and guitar and piano playing, we decided to start our company making bath and body products, perfumes and home fragrance. This is how we found ourselves in a cosmetic kitchen, sanitized to high heaven, in an aroma of scents and materials  – the beginning of Lily Michael and later - the joining with the Kaneya Brand.

We are a family run business and we have modernized age-old family recipes and fused these with modern tried and tested technologies to create the most innovative, forward-thinking products in a powerful, plant-infused base that honours your skin’s wellbeing. Lily Michael’s range of products and services are designed to work form inside and out; to maintain, to restore and protect the skin’s natural ecosystem, keeping it in an optimum glow. Lily Michael formulates products naturally and boosted with years of scientific research to aid almost all skin issues including rebalancing stressed skin, providing the most effective nutrients and antioxidants to slow the effects of time and even to fight pollution and soothe. Our ingredients are from certified-organic or wild plant extract and created with unique scents. Our products are multi-use, well designed with good price points, and combine ease of use.  


 We realise that in the quest for healthy looking skin, makeup and other skincare items can be a mind-boggling experience with a huge range of products but within the industry, loads of products and materials that still irritate or cause some skin concerns. That is the reason we - in every case - cautiously screen and test many materials, ensuring they are beneficial for you and work extraordinarily. Here you’ll discover just the best, and we endeavour to offer value enabling you to put your best foot forward.

Our products are formulated with botanically healthy ingredients that not only allow you to look and feel good but that hopefully also inspire you to live well. We aim to formulate each and every product with a healthy dose of highly concentrated ingredients for richer, truer colours, as well as plant-powered vitamins and superfruit extracts to help restore and hydrate your skin - towards our aim of living beautifully.



Our range of natural and handmade products will pamper your senses and help create a feeling of well-being. We may not be reinventing the wheel, but we do have a mission to bring light into your world. Besides our cosmetic range, we produce exquisite, scented designer and massage candles both for décor and for their therapeutic value.

We are a cosmeuceutical company based and manufacturing in the UK, but we scour the world for choice ingredients, tips and manufacturing processes, incorporating some ancient techniques in our handmade line of goods as well as modern processes.

Lily Michael product range is strictly for external use. We believe that being honest, clean and allowing Lily Michael to bring light into your life is empowering and that botanical Infusions can be sexy and glamorous! We hope that you enjoy your products as much as we have loved making them for you. We look forward to adding extra value to your wellness and warmly welcome you to our family 

Finally, we cannot be true to our sustainability efforts without our mission to help change. We therefore have pleasure in introducing our foundation and ask that you join us in making it a success. We need your help.


We may not be able to put coal and minerals back into the ground or get back felled trees, but The Broken Rainbow Project aspires to help keep those very natural resources protection, especially in lands that have traditionally been ravished for them because of poverty.

1% from the sale of all our products with the Broken Rainbow project will go to specific Regeneration projects that can be followed online or in person by anybody contributing to it. 

If we teach the people to clean up and recycle, we teach them not just about waste management, but also providing the entire nation reusable production materials such as plastics and paper, easing the burden on Nature. At the same time, it would create thousands of jobs for a nation whose full potential never seems to be used. Let´s avoid a future ecological and economical catastrophes.

Let´s put this one broken piece back in the Rainbow. One broken piece at a time

Thank you

Team Lily Michael




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